Friday, 20 July 2007

Cyperus sedge - Carex pseudocyperus

If you don't know, sedges look a lot like grasses with long green leaves. However, grasses have leaves in two ranks up the stem (i.e. alternate) whereas sedges have leaves in whorls of three. This means that usually the stem of a sedge seems almost triangular. This is a picture of the female part of the flower head. It's a massive, spikly drooping flower head and is fairly unmistakeable, i think. This plant was growing on the side of a ditch at Amberley Wildbrooks.


Anonymous said...

I really do love your flower hunting idea. Great. Go on!

Victoria Hume said...

Thanks for the support! When i've got time i want to add a checklist of all the species that i've found and how far i've progressed but at the moment i don't have time to sit down and write one.